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Ark - "It's just what I needed"

We sat down with one of our clients, Nathan, as he described how Ark helps him manage his rental properties and stay compliant.

We sat down with one of our clients recently and asked him what he thought about Ark and what motivated him to sign up. We were pretty happy by his response... Check out the interview below:

Why did you get set up on Ark?

"I needed better organisation. One of the things - as our company is growing, expanding - that’s very key for us is to try to systemise things as best as possible. I came across Ark, and I found it was going to be a platform which I called a ‘one-stop-shop’, where I can just have everything all in one place, rather than having to search through lots of different folders; lots of different screens. I know where everything is. It came at the right time - it’s just what I needed."

How easy was it to get set up?

"Very, very easy. With the company expanding, growing, our time is becoming more and more stretched; more and more limited, and the great thing about the process of setting up the platform is that I was able to hand over a lot of responsibility back to you guys. All you needed was just a few key details from me, and you were able to set it all up within 24 hours! Again, this is exactly what I’m after."

What is the most helpful thing that ark is helping you achieve?

"The best thing is the fact that Ark has got a platform through which our tenants are able to engage with us and notify us of any maintenance issues and any outstanding jobs. So, rather than getting texts, calls, e-mails, where we’ve having to monitor lots of different communication portals, we’ve managed to direct all of our tenants through this platform, so everything is centralised. With communications centralised, tenants know how to get to us and we know how to respond to them, and we’re able to track any particular jobs that we need to do. As you can imagine, it’s a lot easier to track all of those items when everything is in one place and there’s a clear system in place. That has been key for us. The fact that we’ve been able to communicate with our tenants through this platform has also helped: it means that everyone knows where we stand, which is great."

Check out the video on our YouTube channel here