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EPCs just got E-asier

Ark Compliance makes EPC's a breeze

EPC auto-detection

Ark Compliance is ever evolving and we've got a new update - EPC auto-detection


Being compliant is hard and there's a lot to keep up with so we've decided to give you a hand tracking your Energy Performance Assessments.

All EPC's which are carried out are recorded and publically avilable meaning that details of the latest assessment for all rental homes is there for all to see. We simply took the liberty of sourcing that information for our landlords, giving them the opportunity to save it to their profile in one easy click!


When you log in to Ark Compliance and add a new home, if the address you input is on the government list then a popup will appear for you to confirm we've got the right data for you. It's as easy as that!

Other recent updates:

Password Reset

This one's simple. If you get logged out and forget your password, you can be logged in again in about four clicks. It'll appear under the login button on the signup form.

Landing Page

We have updated our landing page! It tells people a bit more about who we are and what you can use this tool for. Check it out here!