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What's new on Ark?

It’s been a wee while since we provided an update on all the things we've been up to - so here it is!

Custom AST's come to Ark Complaince

Ark's AST generator is now integrated with Ark Compliance, meaning you can get reminded about when your EICR is expiring, and then in a couple of clicks be on your way to making a brand new bespoke tenancy agreement for your new tenants.

Log in with Facebook

You can now also log into Ark Compliance via your Facebook profile. It means for those who use it, it’s one less password you will have to remembe! But really... it makes accessing Ark Compliance even quicker and easier than ever, especially for any new users.

Stay on top of changing regulations

Find it difficult to keep up with changing regulations? Are you sure you'll hear if your responsibilities as a landlord change? Then worry no longer! We regularly check for changing regulations and notify you before they do so you don't have to keep listening out yourself.

Calendar integration

Want to have all your compliance dates in your calendar of choice? You're now just a couple of clicks away from having everything in your calendar. It'll adapt automatically as you change them on Ark and save you from ever having to worry about missing anything again.

It works with both Google calendar and Apple calendar. You'll also notice the dashboard looks a little different. Hope you like it...

We've got a new Facebook Group

It’s not just Ark Compliance we have been working on. We have also set up a new Facebook group! We created it as a spam-free zone that is dedicated to guidance and updates that are specifically related to regulations faced by English landlords. We have seen firsthand the confusion regulation can cause so, in our efforts to clarify compliance, the group will help with exactly that. Join the group here: www.facebook.com/groups/2671656439646485/

We've been in the news!

We had a survey done that showed the fears many landlords had around future regulations and how these fears were a potential limit on them investing further in their portfolio and pushing more properties into the Private Rental Sector. We featured in Property Reporter, Landlord Today, and Housing Executive magazine.

Sign up to use Ark here and feel free to contact us with any questions or if you love the platform!