Save £610 per year on rent collection fees

Offer more payment options to your tenants and stay in control of your finances with our digital payment options.

Get control of your rental finances

Payment Options

Get paid your way - choose from a direct debit or recurring card payment - or allow both options.

Schedule payments

Payment timetable is controlled by you - no need to rely on your tenant remembering to pay.

Instant notifications

Instant notifications - whether payment is successful or missed, you’ll know immediately.

Rapid payments

Get your money faster: all payments go directly to you and your chosen bank account.

Automated chasing

Reminders for payments and chasing for any late payments is all handled by Ark.


Full interactive dashboard of all your payments - review payment records at your leisure.

Our fees

£5 per home
£5 per month for each home added to the platform.
Direct Debit
£2.00 per month
Processing fee of  1% on each transaction to maximum of £2.
UK Cards
1.5% + 20p
% charged on each transaction, plus 20p handling charge
Credit or debit card payments for cards outside of the UK attract additional charges. Please check our FAQs for more information.

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The saving of £610 per year is based on a property being rented at the average UK monthly rent of £850 through an estate agent charging a management fee of 8% for rent collection only. The comparative fee for Ark's services is based on setting up a direct debit to manage payments through Ark.