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Build and manage your property portfolio with tools designed for BTL landlords.

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Stay in control of your rental income with Digital Payments
Keep everything in one place on our cloud-based platform
Don't get caught by new regulations and share critical documents

Rent collection made simple

Save £650 on management fees by renting through Ark
Take card payments online or set up a direct debit for your tenants.
Late payment notifications and chasing all handled automatically through the platform.

Never miss a renewal date again

Give yourself peace of mind with our compliance checklist
Landlords face a nightmare regime of changing regulations. Our compliance checklist ensures your properties meet all rules & regulations.
Ark will tell you what you need & will send you reminders before anything is due to expire.

Rapidly create tenancy agreements

Critical documents included as standard.
Instantly create agreements that can be shared and signed by your tenants.

Everything in one place

Our platform makes it easy to manage your properties
Documents, messages, payments: we keep everything in one place and easy to search and find.
No more trawling through piles of paperwork and files - simply upload and let Ark take the strain.

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