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Full tenant background check & reference for just £5

Get an in-depth review of prospective tenants with our online tenant reference - all you need is their name and email address.

Fully digitised tenant referencing service

All you need is the tenant's name and email address - we work with the tenant to complete the information. Results are made available via an interactive dashboard as soon as they are completed. Low effort, high piece of mind.
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Verify ID

We scan Government approved documentation with AI to ensure it is valid.
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Biometric Scan

AI-powered biometric scan via selfie to confirm tenant identity matches their documents.
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Full Credit Check

Comprehensive check for financial risk factors such as CCJs, credit defaults or insolvency.
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Letting History

We ask prior landlords how the tenant treated their property while they lived there.
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We ask employers to confirm tenant income to calculate if your rent is affordable.
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Right to Rent

Full guidance and checking to see if the tenant has the right to rent in the UK.

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