Feature Release

Improvements to compliance checklists

An update on the feature improvements for compliance checklist.
January 23, 2023

We have recently released an improvement to our compliance feature, allowing landlords to create a comprehensive view of their compliance efforts. These features are as follows. 

1. Smart compliance checklist

We have added 'smarts' to the compliance checklist, and now only request compliance items at the moment they become relevant. Some regulations only apply once a property is rented, whereas some regulations are still required even when the property is vacant. These are now smartly added to your checklist at the appropriate time, and with renewal dates baked into the requirements.

2. Comprehensive, historic view of compliance

As a landlord, if you are able to show an unbroken chain of compliance (for example, showing your gas safety certificates for the last 5 years), it provides confidence to prospective tenants that you are a responsible landlord, and additionally covers you if the worst comes to the worst. We have now enabled each individual item to show the historic archive of all documents - enabling you to keep all of your relevant documents together in one place and showing continued compliance across a number of years.

3. Easy sharing with tenants

Most regulations request that not only do you have to perform the action, but in many cases you have to share evidence of that action with the tenant. This becomes especially important if you need to evict a tenant - if you haven't shared a document, you may not be able to continue with some eviction processes. With Ark, you can now easily share these compliance documents with your tenants, ensuring you have a record of delivering the document to them.

4. Add your own compliance items

You can now add your own compliance items, upload your documentary proof, add a reminder and share with your tenants.